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Q2 2024

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The French concept of "apéro" is a delightful tradition that encompasses so much more than a simple pre-dinner drink or appetizer. It's a cherished ritual, a transition from the busyness of the day into the relaxation and indulgence of the evening ahead. This concept of an apertif, very much inspired our theme for our seasonal recipe and wines. The curated wine selection and simple Apéro Burrata Platter recipe will allow you to relish in the luxury you deserve!

When the sun is shining and the patio furniture emerges from its winter slumber, the stage is set for an apéro moment with our carefully curated wines.

The beauty of the apéro lies in its simplicity and its ability to transport you, if only for a fleeting moment, to the sun-dappled terraces of the countryside with a Chardonnay in hand, perhaps with flavors of peach, apricot and citrus with notes of white flower.

It's a chance to savor the finer things in life, such as a sweet, syrupy icewine from Canada's famed vineyards, sipped slowly as the conversation flows. And to appreciate the art of gracious living, and connect with those around you.

As the evening progresses, the apéro may segue seamlessly into a more substantial meal, with a luxurious red blend to accompany the culinary delights. But the essence of the apéro remains - a celebration of the present, a toast to the simple pleasures, and a warm invitation to linger and indulge. So, let us raise our glasses, clink them together, and say, "Santé!" to the joy and conviviality of the apéro.

We invite you to discover the beauty and diversity of wines from Canadian and North American wine.

Oh, canada! 4 pack

4 bottles of wine meticulously selected from Canada to showcase award winning Canadian vintages.

kascadia 4

Showcasing the remarkable diversity and exceptional quality of North American wines, this carefully curated selection features two exquisite bottles from Canada's renowned wine regions alongside two equally impressive vintages from the United States.

kascadia 6

Exploring the Vibrant Wines of North America. This curated selection showcases the remarkable diversity and quality that can be found across the vineyards of Canada and the United States.

kascadia 2

Savor the flavors of North America's renowned wine regions with 2 bottles, hailing from Canada, US or Mexico.

Virtual tasting

Stay tuned for two virtual wine tasting experiences this year! We will be emailing and posting dates soon.

Missed the previous virtual tasting? Catch up by viewing the video in "Video Archives" below.


Your member benefits include:

  • Wine notes and seasonal recipes with each shipment
  • 2 virtual tastings
  • 10% off retail purchases.

If you are part of our Founders Club, you will also have exclusive access to our book club and discounted travel options with Canadian Wine Tour companies.

Club members will be emailed virtual tasting dates and information. You can anticipate an email 3 weeks prior to your virtual tasting, so that you have ample time to prepare.

The Founders Club is an exclusive offer for our first 50 wine club subscribers.

Founders Club members are part of our annual book club, which includes a food or wine savvy book with their first shipment of year.

They will also receive access to discounted travel with Canadian Wine Tour companies that have partnered with Kascadia Wine Merchants.

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