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The world has fallen in love with Canadian wines, vintages that are delighting
international critics and landing themselves on the pages of leading wine magazines, gracing the tables of famed restaurant critics and being found on the lists of leading sommeliers and collectors.

Renowned for its expertise, and unwavering commitment to hunting down Canada’s most exclusive drops, Kascadia Wine Merchants is an online marketplace focused on giving Canada’s wines a global platform.

From the inception of the company, the vision was to focus our efforts on wine regions encompassing our home, along the west coast of North America, and give clients a taste of the refinement embodied in the varietals from across the length and breadth of Canada's wine producing provinces, and the Pacific Northwest, renowned for its lush valleys and micro climate conditions that produce a range of award winning wines, from full-bodied intense reds to vivacious, fresh and crisp whites.

Kascadia’s solid growth is testament to the epicurean taste of founder, CEO and Canadian entrepreneur, VJ Gandhi. Her genuine passion to market Canada as a key player in the North American wine industry, has meant that Kascadia Wine Merchants has been swift to secure its place at the forefront of the US and Canada’s wine scene. "Kascadia Wine has a bigger purpose, and that is to serve as a channel and accelerate exposure for Canadian agriculture, specifically wine. My goal is to make an impact on an economical level, by raising the bar for Canadian wine producers who can play a role in raising the export ratio."

In addition to its consummate range, each wine sourced and sold by Kascadia Wine Merchants is subjected to strict quality and complexity standards. Our portfolio embraces Canadian and PacWest wines from a variety of producers including conventional, natural, organic and biodynamic.

The focus of Kascadia Wine Merchants is on truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for Canadian wine and in exploring and searching for the undiscovered - the very best exclusive and boutique selections for Kascadia’s discerning customers and buyers. Kascadia Wine Merchants is reinventing how the world sees, tastes and experiences Canadian wine.

Why Canada

Canada's top producing wine regions, are best known for its incredible diversity and the quality of wine grapes here have been steadily refined in the past few decades by committed ownership and vineyard management, lowering yields and planting vines to their optimum microclimates and soils.

You can expect a wine culture brimming with bold, bright, and tantalizing offerings that will floor your senses.

About VJ

When is VJ is not engaged in quality time with her twins and husband, Vishal, she is passionately working on expanding her online marketplace. As a Vancouverite, she vacationed in Canadian wine region, the Okanagan Valley with family and friends. It wasn't until she moved to California in 2014, that she had a vision to place her country’s hidden wine gems on an international platform. Today, her growing venture, Kascadia Wine Merchants, markets and sells Canadian wines across 45 US states. "It's time to change the narrative to - North American wine." - VJ Gandhi

Canadian wine from Kascadia Club

Why PacWest

We view this as a macro local focus and there’s also a deeper meaning for us – it’s a region encapsulating our two homes, British Columbia, Canada and California, USA.  

Our team is enthusiastic to source a selection of high quality wines from artisanal producers in Washington, Oregon and California.


Founder, VJ Gandhi is a proud Canadian citizen with epicurean taste, and her deepest passion yet has to be her love for the complexity in a glass of fine-tasting wine.

With a solid marketing background, and experience in business management, over the course of her career VJ has developed, implemented and managed several large scale projects in finance and marketing for high profile organizations such as the Government of Canada, BC Provincial Government, and 2010 Olympic Games Secretariat.

VJ was inspired to market award winning Canadian vintages globally in the United States where she’d moved to in 2014. VJ and her trusted team of experts have carefully curated the Kascadia Wine portfolio over the years, which has now scaled to shipping in 45 US states. 

With the launch of the wine club, clients who are eager to savor exclusive, high quality wines from North America, including Canada and the Pacific Northwest are going to be impressed!

Kascadia Founder VJ Gandhi


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