Poplar Grove Wins Big at London Wine Competition - Scout Vancouver, July 24/2020


Cheftimony Episode 054 – Line Cook Thoughts "Sidebar" Podcast, Graham MacLennan & Tania Tomaszewska discuss Canadian wine abroad andwhere American's who are seeking a splash of Canadian wine can source their very own bottle in the US - with Kascadia Wine Merchants of course!


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How to Think, Act and Inspire Your Way to Greatness - By Wendy Ryan


Top of the Podium for Poplar Grove Winery - My VanCity, May 11th, 2021


The TallMikeWine Podcast "Oh....CANADA!!! VJ Gandhi from Kascadia Wine Merchants" 8/24/21


Vinepair Podcast Zach Geballe “Four regions to break you out of your wine rut.”

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Okanagan Is a Spectacular Wine Region Within Easy Reach - Zach Geballe, Pix, The Drop 9/17/2021


A Vine Start: Cover Story Marks Our Return to British Columbia - Eric Degerman, Great Northwest Wine Magazine, July 24th, 2022


Wines to Find Podcast: Ep 144: Canadian Wine with Kascadia Wine Merchants (10/13/2022)


"Introducing the Wine Gems of Canada to the U.S. Kascadia Wine Merchants" ,  Francie Low , Napa Valley Life Magazine, Issue Winter 2022 (Release date 12/11/2022)


"BC WINE IN THE U.S. Crossing the Canada-U.S. border with B.C. wine."

Allison Markin , CASTANET.NET (01/25/2023)


Welcome Kascadia Wine Merchants: making the first Canadian Wine Club available in the USA.

Jul 24, 2023

John Skinner on his Painted Rock Wines /VJ Gandhi on making our wines available in USA.

By Terry David Mulligan, Mulligan Stew, Tasting Room Radio July 29th, 2023