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So much is happening at Kascadia Wine Merchants! Not only are we welcoming new Canadian wineries into our Kascadia wine family, but for the very first time we are introducing, Icewine from the Niagara Peninsula!

As Canadian wine ambassadors, we are seeking authentic and exclusive wines from all corners and breadths of the leading Canadian wine regions which will now include our eastern hemisphere. You can expect to see more in our portfolio from the Niagara Peninsula in the future. For now, we are pleased to give a warm introduction to Pondview Estate Winery. Read more about the Sicilian family owned winery which has been tended to by the Puglisi family since 1974. 

Pondview Estate Winery, Niagara Peninsula



2018 Pondview Cabernet Franc Rose

2015 Pondview Vidal Icewine

2015 Pondview Cabernet Franc Icewine


In addition to our Niagara Peninsula wines, we are welcoming new wines from award winning Okanagan Valley producers: Poplar Grove Winery and Winemaker’s CUT! Click on the links below to learn more about their unique stories and how these producers are setting the bar high in Okanagan Valley. 

Poplar Grove Winery, Okanagan Valley




2015 Poplar Grove Cabernet Franc

2018 Poplar Grove Viognier 

2014 Poplar Grove The Legacy 


Winemaker's CUT Winery, Okanagan Valley




2018 Winemaker's CUT Gruner Veltliner 

2016 Winemaker's CUT Syrah






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