Kascadia 4 Pack


Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

The story of Henry of Pelham winery begins in the late 18th century, when their great-great-great grandfather was granted the very land their vines grow on today. Six generations later, this family farm in the Short Hills Bench sub-appellation of Niagara Peninsula has blossomed into one of Canada's most eminent wine regions. Representing nearly two-thirds of the country's wine grapes, the peninsula owes its viticultural fame to the moderating effects of Lake Ontario and the protective barrier of Niagara Escarpment.

Niagara Peninsula 2022  Baco Noir, Henry of Pelham

This deep, dark red wine evokes ripe flavors of currant and blueberry. A touch of spice enriches the palate, leading to a smooth, velvety finish with oaky notes. Aged in American oak barrels for over six months, the sipper will enjoy structure and complexity. - Featured in Eater Wine Club March 2024

Pair it with barbecued meats, strong cheeses, cured meats, or even strawberries and black pepper for a surprising delight.




Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada


meg·a·lo·ma·ni·ac/noun: overestimation of one’s physical and mental prowess, of one’s power; madness; delusions of grandeur. - Megalomaniac crafts wines of distinction with a touch of sass!

Megalomaniac Winery is a passion project brought to life by owner John Howard. His goal was to craft exceptional Canadian wines while giving back - all proceeds benefiting the Kids' Health Links Foundation. Sourcing premium grapes from the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, and using exclusively Canadian oak, Megalomaniac wines are truly Canadian at heart!

2022 Homegrown Red Blend Megalomaniac

Bright, pristine fruit, with crisp Anjou pear and juicy Okanagan white peach that are heightened by white orchard blossoms and fragrant Madagascar vanilla bean. Additional depth and complexity come from gracefully aging for 18 months in traditional Austrian oak casks, rounding the fruit with a subtle imprint of honey while providing a rich texture that’s harmoniously balanced by the crisp, saline finish. Alcohol 13.4%. 



Arroyo Seco Monterey County, California, USA

These vines, the land, the landscapes, habitats, life, our lives, agriculture, cycling through the seasons, and the years that pass are the groundwork for our business; the foundation that the rest is built on. The vineyards that we work with and the relationships formed around them are long-term commitments, refined over many years, sacred assets. 

In total, we source grapes from about 200 acres spread across Sonoma County, Mendocino, Clarksburg, Suisun Valley, Arroyo Seco, and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Of this, we lease and farm either directly (hands on) or indirectly (with contract labor and vineyard management companies under our guidance) about 70 acres.100% of the vineyards that we farm are farmed organically.

All of our wines are un-inoculated (fermented without adding commercial yeast) except the Banyan Gewürztraminer. Malolactic fermentations are also spontaneous. We avoid all commercial additives. We primarily use older oak barrels. Only low doses of sulfur are added to the wines and generally as close to bottling as possible to keep the wines alive in the cellar. 

Folk Machine 2023 Rosé of Gamay Arroyo Seco

This is our eighth rosé from Gamay grapes that result from a grafting and planting project that started back in 2013 in Arroyo Seco. 2016 was our first harvest from the newly grafted vines and to give them a break, we harvested everything at pretty low brix with the idea of making rosé. Despite the fact that we planted the block to make red wine, we like it so much for rosé that we mostly continue with that program. 

Grapes were taken directly to press with just a minimal amount of skin contact time during the trucking from Greenfield to Santa Rosa. Fermentation was uninoculated in stainless steel with temperature control to keep the fermenting juice cool and the fermentation slow, preserving aromatics and flavors.

The result is a fresh, semi-savory, light wine that should be great with summer and warmer weather or whenever for year-round rosé enthusiasts.

Continuing our mission and pledge to cut down the carbon footprint of our wines and green our package, this year, we have broke with convention and bottled our rosé in an Antique Green lightweight bottle instead of the flint bottle that the market has grown accustomed to. Green bottles contain a much higher percentage of recycled material and their production has a lower carbon footprint.

The label was created by Nate Duval whose art we are huge fans of and who we have worked with many times in the past.



Lodi, California, USA 

Two Shepherds is the labor of passion founded by William Allen, well known Rhône enthusiast and former wine  blogger. Two Shepherds Winery utilizes several vineyards throughout Northern California to harvest grapes for their small lot wine production. Their minimalist approach to growing, harvesting, and processing grapes allow each of their vintages and bottles to stand on their own and express the time and place it came.

 William and Karen believe that wine-making is more art than science, and each bottle should tell a story about that vintage. Their philosophy regarding the production process is that wine occurs naturally; it is simply the winemakers’ job to guide the wine through the process and allow for the wine’s notes and structure to speak for itself and tell its story.

They work with several growers in the Northern California wine region for harvest. These vineyards include the legendary Bechtold Vineyard in Lodi, Catie’s Corner in the Russian River Valley, Trimble Vineyard in Mendocino, and several others to provide grapes for all of their varietals. In addition, in 2018, Two Shepherds harvested grapes from their own Grenache vineyard for the first time.

 2022 Two Shepherds Albarino

"Welcome to our inaugural release of Albariño, named for our rescue goat Soleil.  Despite a rough start in life, Soleil is a jovial, carefree, loving farm pet who brings joy to our hearts and makes us smile, just like this wine does!  Soleil's sunny disposition inspired this sunshine in a glass.  Notes of honeydew, guava and kiwi.  Enjoy!"   - Winemaker notes

Certified organic.