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Author: Julian Park
Review Date: June 20th, 2019 


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We have been very fortunate to taste Michal Mosny’s wines over the last four years, first as the winemaker at Lunessence Winery and now at his new home at Winemaker’s CUT.

Michal continues to concentrate on the Deadman Lake Vineyard and winemaking as there is no tasting room or wine shop yet. For background information on Winemaker’s CUT new vineyard see Winemaker’s CUT has a New Home.

The essential grape characteristics of the wines shine through even more clearly in these vintages. If this has excited your taste buds please continue to the notes below.

The Winemaker’s Notes

“This is our third release, the Winemaker’s CUT 2019 collection. Our last harvest happened at Winemaker’s CUT new home, at Deadman Lake Vineyard near Oliver. We are happy to introduce three new additions to our Portfolio. Winemaker’s CUT Rose´ from our home vineyard, and two small batches, also single vineyard wines, Gruner Veltliner from a vineyard north of Oliver, and Pinot Noir from a vineyard east of Osoyoos.

All wines were made with minimal intervention, spontaneous or organic yeast fermentation, fining only whites with bentonite and filtering before bottling. Sulphur use during the winemaking process is minimal and the total sulphur level does not exceed 50mg/L, free sulphur 20mg/L. This way we would like to express the true characteristics of each vineyard, making single vineyard wines that showcase Okanagan Valley terroir.

The most important thing to mention is, that all our wines were raised by classical music in the cellar, estate wines by classical music in the vineyard as well. With 13 speakers installed at Deadman Lake Vineyard, we want to create a human terroir, express ourselves, our philosophy of life, balance and harmony with Mother Nature.”

Michal Mosny – Winemaker’s CUT

The Wines

Winemaker’s CUT Gruner Veltliner 2018 ($28)

Winemaker's CUT Gruner Veltliner ($28) Available in the USA

Single vineyard – Okanagan Valley – VQA, Estate Vineyard, Oliver BC. 80 cases produced.


12.0 % Alcohol. A light straw colour. After pouring this wine into a glass, it immediately opens a wide range of apple aromas with roasted almonds, marzipan and pepper. Flavours of white peach, citrus and honey with a gentle dusting of white pepper. A fabulous white for a hot summer day. Do not over chill to taste the subtle fruit flavours. 91 Points

Difficult to taste this Gruner without thinking of Weiner Schnitzel, Bratwurst sausages and potato salad.


Winemaker’s CUT Syrah 2017 ($34)

Winemaker's CUT Syrah 2016 ($32) Available in the USA

Single vineyard – Okanagan Valley – VQA, Estate Vineyard, Oliver BC. 200 cases produced.


Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tank, malolactic fermentation in new American oak and minimum sulphur use left a big mark on this wild Syrah.

Deep garnet colour.  13.5% Alcohol. Decanting is strongly recommended as it will open beautiful juicy aromas full of blackberries, black liquorice, herbs, smoke, cured meat, forest floor, pepper, mocha, eucalyptus and chalk. The dry, rich medium-full bodied wine is sharp, spicy with firm tannins and an extra long finish. This Syrah is ready for long ageing. 92 Points


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