winemaker's cut

About the Vineyard

Just as a director's cut is the edited version of a film that represents the director's unique point of view, Winemaker's CUT is influenced by the winemaker's unique styling and blending of an Okanagan wine. 

The grapes that shape CUT wines are hand-harvested at Deadman Lake Vineyard just south of Oliver, B.C. While respecting nature and honoring traditional winemaking methods, sustainable farming, and a zero pesticides policy with low sulphur use, CUT wines develop naturally and express characteristics indicative of this unique Okanagan vineyard.

It is in appreciation of art and harmony that classical music echoes throughout the vineyard and cellar where the winemaker captures an accumulation of moments and composes quality wines.

With a great passion for wine, the winemaker is as focused on life’s equilibrium in relation to others, nature, and to God, as he is on composing quality wines that capture a moment in time. Michal and his partner in the CUT endeavour, his wife Martina, are ever capturing moments of their own making;
moments graced with classical music, fine food, quality wine, and dear friends. 


“Originally from Slovakia, my wife and I, we packed our passion for wine with our knowledge and experience, and we readied ourselves for new opportunities and new experiences.

After years behind the scenes as the winemaker for a number of labels, we made the commitment to create our dream: the Winemaker`s CUT. Producing wines that were true to us, true to what we love and honoured our beliefs in playing classical music in our vineyard and cellar were most important, as are naturally farmed vineyards and our expectations of quality through
traditional harvesting and winemaking methods.

Winemaker’s CUT meant a host of things to us subjectively. It spoke to finally stepping from behind the scenes and making our dream a reality. It was a piece of us, and our opportunity to capture and share a moment exactly as we saw it. It was the opportunity to make the calls for ourselves, like a director’s cut, to
share our unique point of view.” 

“A moment in time captured, cut from vineyard vine.“
Michal Mosny