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WineMaker’s CUT New Releases

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Author: Julian Park
Review Date: June 20th, 2019 


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We have been very fortunate to taste Michal Mosny’s wines over the last four years, first as the winemaker at Lunessence Winery and now at his new home at Winemaker’s CUT.



Michal continues to concentrate on the Deadman Lake Vineyard and winemaking as there is no tasting room or wine shop yet. For background information on Winemaker’s CUT new vineyard see Winemaker’s CUT has a New Home.

The essential grape characteristics of the wines shine through even more clearly in these vintages. If this has excited your taste buds please continue to the notes below.

The Winemaker’s Notes

“This is our third release, the Winemaker’s CUT 2019 collection. Our last harvest happened at Winemaker’s CUT new home, at Deadman Lake Vineyard near Oliver. We are happy to introduce three new additions to our Portfolio. Winemaker’s CUT Rose´ from our home vineyard, and two small batches, also single vineyard wines, Gruner Veltliner from a vineyard north of Oliver, and Pinot Noir from a vineyard east of Osoyoos.

All wines were made with minimal intervention, spontaneous or organic yeast fermentation, fining only whites with bentonite and filtering before bottling. Sulphur use during the winemaking process is minimal and the total sulphur level does not exceed 50mg/L, free sulphur 20mg/L. This way we would like to express the true characteristics of each vineyard, making single vineyard wines that showcase Okanagan Valley terroir.

The most important thing to mention is, that all our wines were raised by classical music in the cellar, estate wines by classical music in the vineyard as well. With 13 speakers installed at Deadman Lake Vineyard, we want to create a human terroir, express ourselves, our philosophy of life, balance and harmony with Mother Nature.”

Michal Mosny – Winemaker’s CUT

The Wines

Winemaker’s CUT Gruner Veltliner 2018 ($28)

Winemaker's CUT Gruner Veltliner ($28) Available in the USA

Single vineyard – Okanagan Valley – VQA, Estate Vineyard, Oliver BC. 80 cases produced.


12.0 % Alcohol. A light straw colour. After pouring this wine into a glass, it immediately opens a wide range of apple aromas with roasted almonds, marzipan and pepper. Flavours of white peach, citrus and honey with a gentle dusting of white pepper. A fabulous white for a hot summer day. Do not over chill to taste the subtle fruit flavours. 91 Points

Difficult to taste this Gruner without thinking of Weiner Schnitzel, Bratwurst sausages and potato salad.


Winemaker’s CUT Syrah 2017 ($34)

Winemaker's CUT Syrah 2016 ($32) Available in the USA

Single vineyard – Okanagan Valley – VQA, Estate Vineyard, Oliver BC. 200 cases produced.


Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tank, malolactic fermentation in new American oak and minimum sulphur use left a big mark on this wild Syrah.

Deep garnet colour.  13.5% Alcohol. Decanting is strongly recommended as it will open beautiful juicy aromas full of blackberries, black liquorice, herbs, smoke, cured meat, forest floor, pepper, mocha, eucalyptus and chalk. The dry, rich medium-full bodied wine is sharp, spicy with firm tannins and an extra long finish. This Syrah is ready for long ageing. 92 Points


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    Meet the WineWeirdos

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    Have you ever heard of the WineWeirdos? If not, look no further! We've got the 411 on your new favorite video wine reviewers. 

    After watching a few of their entertaining YouTube videos, we quickly realized they are not weird at all. In fact, the WineWeirdos are simply unconventional wine nerds, just like us! They began their journey in 2010 on Youtube and never looked back. Their engaging videos entice viewers with short, concise and entertaining wine reviews. This is a perfect guide for you enthusiasts looking for a new wine to add to your collection.  

    Michael Landucci, the founder of WineWeirdos takes his audience on a voyage through the tastes, smells and the unique attributes of each bottle of wine. One of his fellow co-captains, Christopher  is a popular co-host on his channel where together they truly entertain from the video start to finish! 

    WineWierdos has reached over 880 subscribers and 167,241 views on YouTube. They've also created quite the buzz on social media reaching over 17.4 thousand followers on Instagram. Go WineWeirdos Go! The Wine Weirdos recently reviewed our 2014 Painted Rock Red Icon and our exclusive 2014 Painted Rock Cabernet Franc.

    Check them out for yourself! 2014 Painted Rock's Red Icon review. Click here.

    Wine Weirdos

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    The Tipsy Housewife Interview

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    April Lee, otherwise known as Chicago based chef, foodie and blogger - The Tipsy House Wife tasted our Meyer Family Vineyard Gewürztraminer and loved it! We had the refreshing opportunity to interview April this week and got an inside look on her life and inspiration behind her content. Check it out below - you won't be disappointed! 

    tipsy housewife wine influencer

    April Lee (@TheTipsyHouseWife) 

    What gives you the butterflies about wine? Why is wine meaningful to you?

    What gives me butterflies about wine is discovering a wine that I didn't think I would like and finding that it literally dances in my mouth. I especially enjoy the way wine can adapt to different foods and I love exploring ways to create dishes that bring out the complex flavors of wine. Wine is meaningful to me because I feel that it is the "old soul" of alcohol. Everything about wine has so much history and you can taste it while drinking it. There are many times I've had felt like I was standing in the vineyard where the wine came from while drinking it. I also admire the blood sweat and tears that goes into making wine.  I just truly love the history behind wine. 

    What would you pair the Meyer Family Vineyard Gewürztraminer with? 

    I knew right away that I had to create a dish that was salty. I knew the juxtaposition of the sweet and salt would pair well so I created the Bleu cheese and Bacon Cheesecake. I wasn't wrong. 

    Check out her recipe here

    We absolutely adore your content! Where do you get your inspiration from?

    I get my inspiration from any and every type of person who is dedicated to nourishing others. Whether it's the at home cook trying to put a meal on the table for themselves or their family, or the world renowned Chef trying to put a meal on the table to appeal to the masses.  Food is a love language and that love can be shown by anyone who makes the effort to put together ingredients to create something greater. 

    cheesecake recipe wine pairing

    Instagram: @thetipsyhousewife

    Facebook: @tipsywife


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    50th Parallel - A Winery You Don't Want to Miss Out On!

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    We are so excited to announce that 50th Parallel Estate Winery is joining the Kascadia Wine Merchants team! 50th Parellel is not only a top BC winery, but they have an even better team behind them. Between their proprietors, winemakers and exceptional wine, 50th Parallel shines bright in the wine industry!

    Curtis Krouzel and Sheri-Lee Turner-Krouzel along with their highly skilled team have created a world-class wine destination only 15 minutes from the Kelowna airport by crafting international award winning wines while hosting five-star events and unique catered dining experiences. In 2018, they are scheduled to open the next phase of the estate which includes a new events space, fine dining restaurant, extensive wine cave system and a glass ‘Transparent’ tasting room.


    The project is being built in stages. In 2009, the couple hand-planted the first 10 acres of vines. Curtis then engineered a planting machine tuned to the needs of the steep rocky property and now planting is complete with an impressive 50 acres now under vine. They are now sourcing additional new properties to expand their vineyards. In 2011, the first wines were released from 50th Parallel; a modest 700 cases. In 2016, the winery produced close to 14,000 cases of wine. The first portion of the main winery building opened for harvest in 2014 and the expansion, including the restaurant and new tasting center, will be open in spring 2018.

    Viticulturally, the stunning 61-acre property boasts more ‘Grand Cru’ vineyard qualities found in one place than many of the top vineyards in the world. Internationally, the world is waking up to the growing number of award winning wines coming from this place and the development honors the praise. Everything you see, feel, and taste is focused on the wine and the special place it comes from. The name '50th Parallel' was chosen to represent a unique and real physical location, a meeting place that people will understand the minute they see the property.

    Overall, 50th Parallel has award winning wines (specializing in Pinot Noir) that you do not want to miss out on. Raise a glass with us to celebrate this blooming partnership and order their wines on our website now! 


    The Kascadia Team

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