Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard

Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard

In the heart of the Chehalem Mountains, at the Northern end of The Willamette Valley, Three Feathers high-elevation vineyards are part of Oregon's most recognized appellation of cool cli­mate wines.

Our 155-acre Estate comprises rolling hills from 700 - 1000 ft in elevation which form a natural heat sink, sheltered from winds and capturing summer warmth in its own natural microcli­mate. Ancient marine soils and respectful farm­ing practices result in rare wines that embody this distinctive region and each growing season.
At Three Feathers Estate & Vineyard, we pro­duce handcrafted small-lot wines using only grapes grown on the Estate. Our passion for growing and commitment to authenticity con­tribute to our mission of creating the best Oregon wines that reflect our terroir.

The Stimac Family

Three Feathers Estate and Vineyard is the endeavor of three women, Christine Stimac, and her daughters Elise Stimac and Cynthia Sciarratta. The name note only refers to them but also the three Ostrich Plumes in the Roosevelt Family Crest that is their logo. Christine’s mother, Dorothea Virginia Roosevelt was a cousin to Theodore Roosevelt and grew up in the family enclave on Oyster Bay, Long Island.

Virginia passed away in 2010 leaving a legacy to her daughter and granddaughters. When they purchased 155 acres in the Chehalem Mountains to farm and raise grapes, they adopted the family crest in her honor. The motto Qui Plantavit Curabit is latin for “He who plants shall gather” or, in the vernacular, “You Reap What you Sow”. The motto reflects the values of enterprise, hard work and the harvest that goes on every day at Three Feathers.

The ladies of Three Feathers are blessed with four strong and willing sons and grandsons who have given many summer hours to the vineyard and the hay harvest. Three generations of the Stimac family have nurtured the vines at this high altitude farm on Chehalem Mountain. The family hopes that you enjoy the fruits of their labor.