Wine Not?!

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Aside from any myths that one glass of wine after dinner everyday will either lengthen your lifespan or shorten it, have you ever wondered which wine you should be drinking depending on the day of the week?

Let’s look at what our top choices are for any given day of the week.

Laying in bed the first two minutes after your alarm has gone off on Monday, you meditate on your first move of the day. Whether it’s remembering to feed your dog, or throw your work shirt in the dryer to take out the wrinkles -  you are on it! Envisioning the end of your day, the next 10 hours feels much more bearable if you're ending it with a glass of a big, bold, juicy, red wine. We love the pepper in the lusciously full and intense 2015 Painted Rock Syrah which gets us fired up. You are now in the zone - "Monday you are mine!”

Tuesday is sluggish. You anticipate the day to be kind of boring... But that bottle of Pinot Gris that you’ve seriously been planning to pair with salmon, which by the way you happened to pick up over the weekend. Hmmm… “2016 50th Parallel Pinot Gris, I’m going to save you from being trapped in that that bottle tonight. You’re welcome.”

Wine down Wednesday. - enough said. “Be a friend and pass me my glass please. And remember to fill it up with something light and fruity!” We recommend the 2016 Meyer Family Okanagan Valley Pinot Noir.

Yes way rose`! The only thing we throw back on a Thursday is our 2017 Meyer Family Vineyards Rose`! This accompanied with good friends, a light and flirty playlist like our Summer Spritzer on Spotify, and perhaps another bottle following the rose? We usually stick to white wine if we started with white, but with rose we swing both ways. We love to night cap and have our grand finale with the 2015 Painted Rock Red Icon. Voted the Gold Medal winner at the 2018 National Wine Awards of Canada, this commanding red blend invites you in with rich aromas of blackberry, dark plums, cassis and sweet spices. Absolutely going to sleep happy tonight!

TGIF! We have been looking forward to Friday all week! After an exhausting week of adult responsibilities, going wine tasting on the couch sounds pretty good right now. Catching up on a binge worthy T.V. series and indulging in take out comfort food, treating ourselves to a glass of the luxurious 2015 Painted Rock Cabernet Franc is our first choice.

It’s Saturday and we are most likely in the mood to hit up a patio nearby for sunshine and enjoy good banter amongst great friends. “But before we head out, how about we meet at our place and have a glass of red to start the night!?” With some light music, 4 or 5 of your closest allies hovering around your kitchen island and a well dressed charcuterie board, the rich and fruitful 2014 50th Parallel Pinot Noir has everyone asking “where the hell did you get this devil of a wine?! We need more!”  .

Sundays are for family. We don’t budge from that. Whether we are meeting for brunch, lunch, dinner or all of the above, we save Sundays for something special and we bring out the bubbly - Meyer Family Sparkling Brut. Mimosa’s anyone? For a light afternoon chat on the patio, and spicy nuts for a snack, the light litchi, bits of orange and a hint of spice in the 2016 Meyer Family Gewurztraminer is a delightful pairing. 

So those are our top picks for each day of the week. Now by no means are we saying you should drink everyday. But hey!... if the French are doing it, why can’t we!?

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What lead us to this moment...

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VJ Gandhi is a pioneer and a proud Canadian citizen with epicurean taste, unafraid to take risks to pursue her deepest passions. And her deepest yet has to be her love for the complexity in a glass of fine-tasting wine. Throughout the years, her passion has led her on numerous sojourns to vineyards all over the world ~ Napa, Tuscany, Australia, New Zealand and even the far-flung shores of Newfoundland, Canada.

But the one place that captured her heart was the lush and ever changing panorama of Canada’s Okanagan Valley, British Columbia’s premier grape growing region that stretches for hundreds of kilometers; each sub region and micro climate producing a range of award winning varietals from full-bodied intense reds to vivacious, fresh and crisp whites.

Knowing her love for wine, it didn’t come as a surprise when VJ came up with an idea to market award winning Canadian vintages globally in the United States where she’d moved to in 2014. “Growing up, my family and I spent summers enjoying the Okanagan Valley and it’s abundance in wineries. Moving to California really opened my eyes to the lack of Canadian wines in the US. It has become my soul’s mission to change that.” – VJ Gandhi

Drawn to the award winning vintages and artisan winemaking heralded by the quiet family-run boutique vineyards and world-class operations of the Okanagan Valley wineries, VJ’s vision was to place her country’s hidden gems on an international platform. Determined to spark a global initiative, she created an online wine marketplace like none other. Today, her growing venture, Kascadia Wine Merchants, markets and sells Canadian wines into the US, attracting connoisseur’s eager to savor exclusive, high quality wines from the Pacific Northwest of Canada.

When she’s not indulging in a beautifully made meal accompanied by a delicious vintage, VJ can be found sourcing, tasting and selecting fascinating wines for the Kascadia marketplace. VJ works alongside her supportive husband and business partner, Co-Founder Vishal Gandhi, an engineer who helps out on their business when he has time outside of his other responsibilities. Together they work closely with vintners to communicate their vision for the wines they produce. VJ’s focus is on truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for Canadian wine brands and her life’s direction lies in searching for the very best exclusive and boutique selections for her discerning customers and buyers.



VJ is also active on social media and loves the dynamic platform that the medium provides for the industry – the story telling, the personal moments and the sharing of all that is loved about Canadian wine. She enjoys sharing her authentic and genuine enthusiasm for her country’s wine, often turning most into converts. She regularly hosts wine tasting and pairing events and blogs regularly about her adventures in wine. With a solid marketing management background, and experience in business management, over the course of her career VJ has developed, implemented and managed several large scale projects in finance, human resources, and behavioral health for high profile organizations such as the federal government, BC provincial government, the 2010 Olympic Games and behavioral health firms.

This wife and husband duo have big plans for Canadian wines in the near future. Stay tuned as Kascadia Wine Merchants will be expanding their wine portfolio and customer reach over the following year!

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Falling for Kascadia and Canadian Wines

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The world has fallen in love with Canadian wines, vintages that are delighting
international critics and landing themselves on the pages of leading wine magazines, gracing the tables of famed restaurant critics and being found on the lists of leading sommeliers and collectors.

Renowned for its expertise, unparalleled knowledge and unwavering commitment to hunting down Canada’s most exclusive drops, Kascadia Wine Merchants is an online marketplace focused on giving Canada’s vintages a global platform.

Kascadia Wine Merchants specializes in showcasing award winning vintages and artisan winemaking from the quiet family-run boutique vineyards and world-class operations of British Columbia’s wineries. The business’ vision is to give clients a taste of the refinement and excitement embodied in the varietals from across the length and breadth of the diverse Okanagan Valley renowned for its lush valleys and micro climate conditions that produce a range of award winning wines, from full-bodied intense reds to vivacious, fresh and crisp whites.

Kascadia’s solid growth is testament to the stellar talent, palate and epicurean taste of founder, CEO and Canadian entrepreneur, VJ Gandhi. Her deep love for the complexity in a glass of wine as well as her genuine passion to market the award winning and wide range of varietals produced in Canada, has meant that Kascadia Wine Merchants has been swift to secure its place at the forefront of the US and Canada’s wine scene.

In addition to its consummate range, each wine sourced and sold by Kascadia Wine Merchants is subjected to strict quality and complexity standards. Each bottle has been tasted, assessed and approved to ensure every drop on the premises is of excellent quality. VJ is also a wine connoisseur who values insight from bloggers whom she will feature on Kascadia’s website, while sharing sommelier insights and interviews with the wine makers she works with. She regularly hosts wine tastings and pairings which are open to curious novices and die hard enthusiasts alike.

The focus of Kascadia Wine Merchants is on truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for Canadian wine and in exploring and searching for the undiscovered - the very best exclusive and boutique selections for Kascadia’s discerning customers and buyers. By working closely with vintners to select the very best vintages as well as offering customers a bespoke online shopping experience that is unparalleled, Kascadia Wine Merchants is reinventing how the world sees, tastes and experiences Canadian wine.

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It's Senorita Time!

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¡Hola! Over the holidays, we had the opportunity to connect with the fabulous Amanda and Christina from @itssenoritatime! These beautiful ladies are fun-loving wine lovers and influencers from the New York City and South Florida area. Read below for our exclusive interview and dance your way into the evening while listening to their specially curated playlist on Kascadia Spotify! You can also read their review of our 50th Parallel Pinot Gris which won GOLD at the  2017 Los Angeles International Wine Competition here.

We absolutely love the dynamic you two have! How did you meet each other? We met in high school and have been friends ever since. We both love wine so we decided to take our passion to the next level and start our wine blog in April 2017. 

Have you ever tasted Canadian wine?
Prior to our partnership with Kascadia Wine Merchants and 50th Parallel, we have never tried Canadian wine. Canadian wine isn't really well known on the East Coast, unfortunately. But it should be! There are two major US Markets on the east coast: New York metro and South Florida. We're hoping that Canadian wine can make an appearance on the shelves at our local liquor stores soon!
What would you suggest pairing our 50th Parallel Pinot Gris with?
We ended up having the Pinot Gris with salmon, salad, and roasted acorn squash. The creaminess of the wine paired well with this meal. However it is also perfect as an aperitif. 
pinot gris wine
Purchase the award winning 2016 50th Parallel Pinot Gris wine featured in this post on our website. Click here
Make sure to tune into the @itsSenoritaTime 's awesome playlist while enjoying your next glass of wine too! You can find it on our Spotify Account here
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Top 6 Wine Accounts On Instagram

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Are you looking for some new people to follow on Instagram who love wine? Well, pour yourself a glass of vino, get your scrolling finger ready and be prepared to be WINED out! See below for the list you don't want to miss out on.
Michael Landucci, the founder of WineWeirdos takes his audience on a voyage through the tastes, smells and the unique attributes of each bottle of wine he reviews on his youtube channel- usually with a trusty sidekick. His friendly personality and intriguing content will keep you interested from day one! We are hooked!
Hana-Lee is a  Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and Sommelier who loves wine and exploring the world! She's not only a total wine expert, but she has an awesome social presence and personal brand. This California beauty's photographed and intriguing content is something you won't want to miss out on. 
Amanda and Christina are two girls who just love to have fun! From New York and South Florida, these best friends stay in touch through their love of wine, adventures and true bliss. Their entertaining social presence, beauty and lightheartedness is something to note. Keep up the great work, ladies! 
Its Senorita Time
Okay, full disclosure, we have girl crushes on this woman! Ashley has over 10 years of experience in the wine and service industry. S he has launched and managed hospitality/wine programs for some of the best LA restaurants, so clearly she's got it going on! Oh, and did we mention she's a total babe with a unique personal brand that's romantic and elegant, yet fun and exciting. Props, lady!
pour this
This LA woman is someone you just want to be friends with. Cecily's casual, but elegant approach to wine brings joy to her content. She's a total girls girl who is always looking fabulous. Her taste in wine and food matches her personality which we are not ignoring! You go, girl! 
April is a talented Chicago home-based chef, food blogger and social media socialite. We love her comforting personality, funny demeanour and mouth watering recipes. Yes, her food is amazing, but so are her wine pairings. We would pay big bucks to be at her Christmas dinner table this season, that's for sure! 
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