Two Shepherds

Two Shepherds

Two Shepherds Winery utilizes several vineyards throughout Northern California to harvest grapes for their small lot wine production. Their minimalist approach to growing, harvesting, and processing grapes allow each of their vintages and bottles to stand on their own and express the time and place it came.

Two Shepherds specializes in “old vine vineyards and planting” while taking a minimalist approach to the grapes in the harvesting and wine-making process. William and Karen believe that wine-making is more art than science, and each bottle should tell a story about that vintage. Their philosophy regarding the production process is that wine occurs naturally; it is simply the winemakers’ job to guide the wine through the process and allow for the wine’s notes and structure to speak for itself and tell its story.

They work with several growers in the Northern California wine region for harvest. These vineyards include the legendary Bechtold Vineyard in Lodi, Catie’s Corner in the Russian River Valley, Trimble Vineyard in Mendocino, and several others to provide grapes for all of their varietals. In addition, in 2018, Two Shepherds harvested grapes from their own Grenache vineyard for the first time.

William Allen & Karen Daenen

Two Shepherds is the labor of passion founded by William Allen, well known Rhône enthusiast and former wine  blogger.  William was a garagiste for years before moving into commercial production in 2010.

Two Shepherds started as a one-person micro winery in 2010. In 2015, William was joined by his partner Karen Daenen, a wine industry veteran, and head of consumer research for a multi-brand winery, as they moved into their own production facility in Windsor.

William focuses on day-to-day wine making while Karen, the Chief Shepherdess, runs foot stomping, blending trials, marketing, accounting, design and other key elements to the business.