Brooks Wines, founded in 1998 by Jimi Brooks, embodies his visionary approach to winemaking. Jimi was a Portland native who practiced organic and biodynamic farming, deeply valuing the land and vines. His wines were known for their depth, flavors, and balance, achieved through a meticulous mastery of blending and a profound respect for vineyard individuality. Although Jimi is no longer with us, his spirit lives on through his wines, family, and friends.

Following Jimi's passing, his son Pascal took over as the sole owner of the winery, while his sister Janie Brooks Heuck dedicated her time to lead the company. Guided by Jimi's legacies, which include a strong commitment to organic and biodynamic farming, a gentle approach to winemaking, and a passion for showcasing the beauty of Pinot Noir and Riesling in Oregon, Brooks Wines continues to thrive with the support and generosity of the Oregon wine community.

Over the years, Brooks Wines has achieved significant milestones. The winery found its permanent home in 2008, and just five years later, in 2013, they celebrated their first harvest in their new winery, perched atop a hill in the heart of the Eola-Amity Hills of the Willamette Valley. Through years of hard work and dedication, a solid foundation has been built for the winery's continued success and legacy.

Pascal Brooks 

Pascal Brooks is the sole owner of Brooks, having inherited the winery at the age of eight when his Father, Jimi Brooks, unexpectedly passed away. Until that time, Pascal acted as moral support for his Father and the occasional stand-in for punch-downs as soon as he could handle the tool. After Jimi passed, Pascal came to represent the company at events and spent many of his summers at Brooks, working alongside Chris during bottling and for part of the harvest. Pascal currently resides in France, where he has worked harvest at various vineyards and spends a lot of time with greening projects, trying to vegetalize urban spaces, and improving food security. Pascal loves to read, has basic carpentry skills, knows how to keep bees, and can (sort of) ride a horse. He’s been told that he’s a great singer when no one is listening, and his spirit animal is an emu with some serious sea cucumber vibes.