Top 6 Wine Accounts On Instagram

Are you looking for some new people to follow on Instagram who love wine? Well, pour yourself a glass of vino, get your scrolling finger ready and be prepared to be WINED out! See below for the list you don't want to miss out on.
Michael Landucci, the founder of WineWeirdos takes his audience on a voyage through the tastes, smells and the unique attributes of each bottle of wine he reviews on his youtube channel- usually with a trusty sidekick. His friendly personality and intriguing content will keep you interested from day one! We are hooked!
Hana-Lee is a  Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and Sommelier who loves wine and exploring the world! She's not only a total wine expert, but she has an awesome social presence and personal brand. This California beauty's photographed and intriguing content is something you won't want to miss out on. 
Amanda and Christina are two girls who just love to have fun! From New York and South Florida, these best friends stay in touch through their love of wine, adventures and true bliss. Their entertaining social presence, beauty and lightheartedness is something to note. Keep up the great work, ladies! 
Its Senorita Time
Okay, full disclosure, we have girl crushes on this woman! Ashley has over 10 years of experience in the wine and service industry. S he has launched and managed hospitality/wine programs for some of the best LA restaurants, so clearly she's got it going on! Oh, and did we mention she's a total babe with a unique personal brand that's romantic and elegant, yet fun and exciting. Props, lady!
pour this
This LA woman is someone you just want to be friends with. Cecily's casual, but elegant approach to wine brings joy to her content. She's a total girls girl who is always looking fabulous. Her taste in wine and food matches her personality which we are not ignoring! You go, girl! 
April is a talented Chicago home-based chef, food blogger and social media socialite. We love her comforting personality, funny demeanour and mouth watering recipes. Yes, her food is amazing, but so are her wine pairings. We would pay big bucks to be at her Christmas dinner table this season, that's for sure!