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Pondview Estate Winery Niagara Peninsula


Author: Laura Milnes

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Let me share my passion of food + wine with you 

My name is Laura Milnes and until very recently I was a wine writer focused entirely on the Okanagan, a stunning micro region located in beautiful British Columbia. I have often wondered whether this niche was worth pursuing - globally, wine production from the area is a drop in the bucket.

Over time, I realized how privileged I was to have worked so closely with such talented winemakers in this stunning locale. Versing myself on the Okanagan opened many doors, enabling me to leverage a unique set of knowledge, while concurrently introducing award winning producers to a wide audience of wine enthusiasts. The Okanagan is an incredibly unique region, with unparalleled diversity from north to south, offering winemakers the ability to grow grapes of all kinds.

In recent months I have relocated to Toronto. Acquainting myself with the wine regions in Ontario has become my new niche. I’ve noticed a palpable rivalry between the provinces - not so much consumer driven - instead, wineries at the behest of government levies, preventing a healthy cross provincial representation of product. This however, is slowly changing, as wineries and consumers alike are expressing interest in drinking not only what is local, but also nationally produced.

Which brings me to the great work of my mutual Canadian Wine Ambassador, VJ Gandhi, Founder and CEO of Kascadia Wine Merchants. We met a year ago at the hatch winery, where a relationship was quickly established, predicated on our shared adoration of BC wine. I especially loved that VJ was working so hard to bring Canadian wine into other markets, to promote what is so special about Canadian wine, and showcase the caliber we’re capable of producing.

With my knowledge of BC wines and recent move to Ontario, VJ saw a great opportunity for me to announce Kascadia’s expansion in the Ontario market with the addition of Pondview Estate Winery to their portfolio.

Pondview is located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, just an hour and a half south of Toronto. Lakeshore plains predominate the area, with long, gentle slopes forming the landscape. With warm days, cool nights and a moderating effect from both Lake Ontario and Niagara river, it makes for a perfect home to grow grapes.  (winecountryontario.ca)

Sandy loam - comprised mainly of silt and clay - make up the terroir, great for drainage.

Pondview has called Niagara-on-the-Lake home since 1974, having immigrated to the area from Sicily in 1965. A family affair - dating back three generations, brings extensive experience and knowledge from their time growing grapes in Italy. Lou Puglisi has been passed the torch, and now carries on the family tradition. He has embraced this traditional art form and has cultivated some of the finest wines in the Niagara wine region.



Their 50 acre vineyard located within the Four Mile Creek sub appellation is lovingly referred to as "Bella Terra".

Kascadia is thrilled to welcome Pondview Estate Winery to their portfolio. Wines that will be on offer include the 2015 Vidal Ice wine, 2015 Cabernet Franc Ice wine and the 2018 Cabernet Franc rosé.

Find out more about Pondview Estate Winery here: www.pondviewwinery.com