Falling for Kascadia and Canadian Wines


The world has fallen in love with Canadian wines, vintages that are delighting
international critics and landing themselves on the pages of leading wine magazines, gracing the tables of famed restaurant critics and being found on the lists of leading sommeliers and collectors.

Renowned for its expertise, unparalleled knowledge and unwavering commitment to hunting down Canada’s most exclusive drops, Kascadia Wine Merchants is an online marketplace focused on giving Canada’s vintages a global platform.

Kascadia Wine Merchants specializes in showcasing award winning vintages and artisan winemaking from the quiet family-run boutique vineyards and world-class operations of British Columbia’s wineries. The business’ vision is to give clients a taste of the refinement and excitement embodied in the varietals from across the length and breadth of the diverse Okanagan Valley renowned for its lush valleys and micro climate conditions that produce a range of award winning wines, from full-bodied intense reds to vivacious, fresh and crisp whites.

Kascadia’s solid growth is testament to the stellar talent, palate and epicurean taste of founder, CEO and Canadian entrepreneur, VJ Gandhi. Her deep love for the complexity in a glass of wine as well as her genuine passion to market the award winning and wide range of varietals produced in Canada, has meant that Kascadia Wine Merchants has been swift to secure its place at the forefront of the US and Canada’s wine scene.

In addition to its consummate range, each wine sourced and sold by Kascadia Wine Merchants is subjected to strict quality and complexity standards. Each bottle has been tasted, assessed and approved to ensure every drop on the premises is of excellent quality. VJ is also a wine connoisseur who values insight from bloggers whom she will feature on Kascadia’s website, while sharing sommelier insights and interviews with the wine makers she works with. She regularly hosts wine tastings and pairings which are open to curious novices and die hard enthusiasts alike.

The focus of Kascadia Wine Merchants is on truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for Canadian wine and in exploring and searching for the undiscovered - the very best exclusive and boutique selections for Kascadia’s discerning customers and buyers. By working closely with vintners to select the very best vintages as well as offering customers a bespoke online shopping experience that is unparalleled, Kascadia Wine Merchants is reinventing how the world sees, tastes and experiences Canadian wine.