Can't Make Jokes Like A Canadian? Well Now You Can Drink Like One

Welcome Kascadia Wine Merchants: making the first Canadian Wine Club available in the USA.

Jul 24, 2023


VJ Gandhi | Founder of Kascadia Wine Merchants


Canadians sure love to drink. It's one of the top reasons I'm so fond of any and all Canucks I have the pleasure of meeting. Their sense of humor is sharp, they are polite, they love Hockey, and it's where Jared Keeso comes from. I couldn't write this article without mentioning my love of Letterkenny. Pitter patter, let's get at 'er.

So what are they sipping on? Often it's a beer with a maple leaf or Moose on the label, a Caesar cocktail, or some tasty Canadian whisky, if they are part of the club. Increasingly, wines made domestically are making their way into the glasses of Canadians, and drinkers from beyond their borders! FINALLY, Americans are getting the chance to share in the glory of Canadian wine, with the launch of Kascadia Wine Merchants Wine Club! The club celebrates wines from across Canada and the US PacWest, curated by founder VJ Gandhi.



Oh, Canada! 4-Pack details

Having traveled the world in search of the best wines, it was Canada's Okanagan Valley, the premier grape-growing region of British Columbia, that captured VJ's heart. She can't wait to show you why.
There are options within the Kascadia Wine Merchants Wine Club: Kascadia 4-Pack & Kascadia 6-Pack which offer wines from both Canada and the PacWest of USA. If it's all Canada all the time you desire, dial into the Oh, Canada! 4-Pack. Packages run $149.99 to $224.99 quarterly. Each club comes with additional member benefits: Wine notes and seasonal recipes with each shipment + 2 virtual tastings + 10% off retail purchases from Kascadia Wine Merchants. 



Our courteous neighbors to the north are making huge strides in the vineyards! Now, thanks to Kascadia Wine Merchants, we have growing access to join in on the fun and drink Canadian. Pop those corks while watching Hockey, re-runs of Kids In The Hall, or while waiting on the next season of Letterkenny or Shoresy to drop! Find your favorite poutine recipe, cut up some Montreal smoked meat, and pop a fresh bag of Ketchup chips...we now get to share in on the pride of Made in Canada. 


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