the hatch 2016 Screaming Frenzy Pinot Noir

VARIETAL: Pinot Noir

REGION: Okanagan - East Kelowna



ALCOHOL: 13.9 %


WINEMAKER: Jason Parkes

Why Screaming Frenzy? - A Screaming Frenzy is something that only happens in British Columbia and occurs when the ever mysterious Black Swift bird congregates in our skies. This rare occurrence only happens once a year, and like the wine itself, is a marvel to encounter.

Hatched in West Kelowna, our Pinot Noir has a flight-full of bright cherry and spice aromas that soar into a medium-bodied, soft tannined and delightfully easy drinking wine; just the way pinot noir should be. Perfect to pair with pacific salmon, all types of mushrooms, and roast game birds.

Everybody and their Grandmas know that East Kelowna is a haven for great Pinot Noir and we work with a pair of the best vineyards over there. Lots of sun, moderated temperatures, low yields and attention to the vines directly result in a Pinot that is serious, but approachable.

Because Pinot Noir is the most cerebral grape, and the most unforgiving grape, when you find a great one, you hold onto it for dear life. The Frenzy Pinot is about the magical silkiness that only this grape can deliver. Sourced from Palo Solara & Camelot Vineyards, the wine was housed in fine oak; a mix of 2nd and 3rd year barrels, we want the true essence of the vineyard and the grape to shine through with a complex but immediate styled Pinot. Once a hedonistic delight, always a hedonistic.


2016 Wine Align Awards of Canada, the hatch was named the 9th Best Winery in Canada and 5th Best in British Columbia

2018 Lieutenant Governor’s & BC Wine Awards