the hatch

About the Vineyard

2016 Wine Align Awards of Canada, the hatch was named the 9th Best Winery in Canada and 5th Best in British Columbia

‘the hatch’ is the culmination of dreams had by a group of eccentric grapeophiles who have lived and learned the way of the vine for countless years. The tasting room is an inviting emporium; warm, rustic and an entertaining ‘shack from the future’ where many forms of art come together in celebration. Through our rustic shack we embrace the eccentricities of grape growing, wine making, living and drinking with our unconventional yet extraordinary endeavor’s.  Sitting on a stunning plot of 15 acres in West Kelowna, we renovated old barns at the rear of the vineyard for a tasting room that resembles a blacksmith shop and old country saloon.

Much like Stella getting her groove back, the vivacious Paul allowed us to get out of our rut, and into a groove. Vancouver artist, Paul Morstad is the legend behind the ‘the hatch’ branding. His muse - Ralph Steadman who created labels for Bonny Doon Winery in California.

A riddle. A Mystery. A mystery wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a vest. A man of the Earth, this most jovial of chaps our lovely Jason might well be the greatest winemaker nobody’s heard of. But we have, and we love him. And we love his wines. With 15 plus years of experience, Wine maker, Jason Parkes is refreshing and relaxed for a man with such great responsibilities who continues to bless us with fine wines and magic liquid.

Finally, ‘the hatch’ is the direct confluence of all our favorite arts; the liquid arts, the visual arts and the living arts; finally together and together forever.


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