2019 Pinard et Filles A Ciel Ouvert

VARIETAL: 100% Frontenac Blanc

REGION: Quebec



ALCOHOL: 12.5%


Frontenac Blanc, direct pressing, natural fermentation, vinification and aging on lees in barrel. No topping for 12 months. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, without any added sulphur. Oxidative Jura-style wine with lots of freshness.

Frontenac Blanc is a mouth-watering semi-dry white wine with fruity aromatics of starfruit and citrus followed by flavors of pear and finishing with a fresh and juicy acidity that will leave you coming back for more.

 Oxidative Jura-style wine:

Oxidative’ is a term denoting a white wine that has been deliberately exposed to oxygen, usually by not topping up the barrels regularly.” The key word here is deliberate; a wine can become oxidative, rather than oxidized, when a winemaker intentionally allows oxygen to interact with the wine during the winemaking process.

Controlled oxidation can add richness, complexity, and desirable, umami-driven aromas and flavors to white wines in particular. If preventing oxidation highlights primary notes like fresh fruit, floral, and herbal notes, oxidative winemaking does the opposite, bringing layer upon layer of savory, earthy, nutty aromas and flavors to the wines.