2018 Poplar Grove Viognier

VARIETAL: Viognier

REGION: Okanagan Valley



ALCOHOL: 13.7%


Tasting Notes

Rich tones of straw yellow appear in the glass. Enticing notes of lime zest and blood orange develop on the nose. The 2018 vintage boasts a plump round palate, of fennel, Braeburn apples, and freshly clipped grass. This wine’s crisp acidity and a long lingering finish, lend perfectly to creamy scallops in fresh pasta.

Harvest Notes

The 2018 growing season was similar to 2017. Spring started off slowly and was wetter than average. 2018 found the vineyards two weeks behind our normal bud burst. Once the warmer weather arrived mid-spring, it caused the above average snow levels in the mountains to melt rapidly resulting in another year of flooding. The flooding did not wash any topsoil away and, after a challenging start, the end of spring weather conditions were perfect for an ideal fruit set

Once summer arrived, it was hot and dry which tested our vineyard crews to pay close attention to irrigation regimes and leaf-to-fruit ratios. The vineyards soaked up the summer sunshine; meticulous farming and careful yield management allowed the grapes to fully ripen on the vine.

Winemaking Notes

Our Viognier was hand picked from the estate vineyards at 24.27°B from October 3rd through to October 21st. The grapes were immediately crushed and left to rest on the skins for two hours to increase aromatics and add body to the finished wine. The wine was fermented at 14°C lasting four and a half weeks. The grape’s natural sweetness was retained by cooling the wine, therefore, arresting the fermentation process. The wine was cold stabilized before final filtration and bottling, ensuring the wine is the optimal expression of Okanagan fruit.

Cellaring Notes

This wine is meant to be enjoyed upon release, but will drink well for three to five years.





Winemaker Notes

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