2015 Black Swift Vineyards Monarch Syrah


REGION: Osoyoos Bench, Okanagan Valley



ALCOHOL: 14.5%


WINEMAKER: Jason Parkes

Monarch Vineyard is located in the central flats of the Osoyoos Bench. This is one of our hottest and sunniest locations and prime home of our most structured and intense red wines. This wine spent 30 months in elevage and was raised in American Oak, two thirds of which were new. 

Now to address the elephant in the room. It's Syrah, but American oak you say? Isn't that Shiraz? Typically, yes. Firstly, we use a very tight grained Montana Oak which is more reminiscent of a Slovenian oak. Secondly, yes this spot is roasting hot but it's Okanagan roasting, which means the growing season is relatively short while being quite intense. 

So is this New World? No, this isn't McLaren Vale. Is this Old World? No, this isn't Crozes-Hermitage either. This wine has a meaty edge to it and cracked pepper that rides alongside pure flavours of Blackberry compote, lavender and some sandal wood. It's a tooth-stainer, but the core of acidity keeps it lively. It's a special wine from a special location and helps to prove why we (and others) think Syrah creates the pinnacle of wines here.