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Aside from any myths that one glass of wine after dinner everyday will either lengthen your lifespan or shorten it, have you ever wondered which wine you should be drinking depending on the day of the week?

Let’s look at what our top choices are for any given day of the week.

Laying in bed the first two minutes after your alarm has gone off on Monday, you meditate on your first move of the day. Whether it’s remembering to feed your dog, or throw your work shirt in the dryer to take out the wrinkles -  you are on it! Envisioning the end of your day, the next 10 hours feels much more bearable if you're ending it with a glass of a big, bold, juicy, red wine. We love the pepper in the lusciously full and intense 2015 Painted Rock Syrah which gets us fired up. You are now in the zone - "Monday you are mine!”

Tuesday is sluggish. You anticipate the day to be kind of boring... But that bottle of Pinot Gris that you’ve seriously been planning to pair with salmon, which by the way you happened to pick up over the weekend. Hmmm… “2016 50th Parallel Pinot Gris, I’m going to save you from being trapped in that that bottle tonight. You’re welcome.”

Wine down Wednesday. - enough said. “Be a friend and pass me my glass please. And remember to fill it up with something light and fruity!” We recommend the 2016 Meyer Family Okanagan Valley Pinot Noir.

Yes way rose`! The only thing we throw back on a Thursday is our 2017 Meyer Family Vineyards Rose`! This accompanied with good friends, a light and flirty playlist like our Summer Spritzer on Spotify, and perhaps another bottle following the rose? We usually stick to white wine if we started with white, but with rose we swing both ways. We love to night cap and have our grand finale with the 2015 Painted Rock Red Icon. Voted the Gold Medal winner at the 2018 National Wine Awards of Canada, this commanding red blend invites you in with rich aromas of blackberry, dark plums, cassis and sweet spices. Absolutely going to sleep happy tonight!

TGIF! We have been looking forward to Friday all week! After an exhausting week of adult responsibilities, going wine tasting on the couch sounds pretty good right now. Catching up on a binge worthy T.V. series and indulging in take out comfort food, treating ourselves to a glass of the luxurious 2015 Painted Rock Cabernet Franc is our first choice.

It’s Saturday and we are most likely in the mood to hit up a patio nearby for sunshine and enjoy good banter amongst great friends. “But before we head out, how about we meet at our place and have a glass of red to start the night!?” With some light music, 4 or 5 of your closest allies hovering around your kitchen island and a well dressed charcuterie board, the rich and fruitful 2014 50th Parallel Pinot Noir has everyone asking “where the hell did you get this devil of a wine?! We need more!”  .

Sundays are for family. We don’t budge from that. Whether we are meeting for brunch, lunch, dinner or all of the above, we save Sundays for something special and we bring out the bubbly - Meyer Family Sparkling Brut. Mimosa’s anyone? For a light afternoon chat on the patio, and spicy nuts for a snack, the light litchi, bits of orange and a hint of spice in the 2016 Meyer Family Gewurztraminer is a delightful pairing. 

So those are our top picks for each day of the week. Now by no means are we saying you should drink everyday. But hey!... if the French are doing it, why can’t we!?

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