Let’s Talk Wine – Canadian Wine, That Is

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Canada. It’s a beautiful place, isn’t it? With a vast panoramic setting to easily get lost in, Canada captivates with diversity. The Pacific Ocean meets cascading mountains and gives way to an abundance of sprawling wineries for scenery so stunning, you could stay a while, a long while.

In our opinion, Canada and wine go together like oven-baked brie, pepper jelly and a fresh baguette from your local market. Known for its wine internationally, Canada is a “natural.” Kascadia features award-winning Canadian wines, which have been recognized by The Globe and Mail, the National Wine Awards of Canada and Decanter magazine to name a few. Still not convinced? In 2013, Huffington Post named Okanagan Valley the #1 wine destination in the world out of 10 other regions.  Similarly, it was listed by USA Today as the second “Best Wine Region to Visit" in the world in 2014 following behind Alentego, Portugal as number one. 

This hidden gem of Canada boasts more than 200 wineries ranging from intimate vineyards to grand estates. The Okanagan Valley's unique climate delivers bold, bright red and white varietals with incredible variety in price and taste. Let’s face it, the unspoiled lake-to-desert region with its exceptional wine tasting experiences and lakeside views will floor your senses. But enough about us...

Let’s talk wine.

Wine generates such a complex, diverse and beautiful array of emotions. It’s something that enhances almost any situation. Think about it. What do you do when you go to your family cabin for the weekend? Bring a couple bottles of wine. What do you serve when you have your girlfriends over for a night on the patio with cheese, cured meats and snacks? A bottle of rosé, of course. And what about that special dinner date you’ve been planning? Nothing else spells romance than savoring a delicious, bold bottle of red. Wine is something that we drink in a variety of occasions. It’s used to celebrate, unwind and excite. In our opinion, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to this planet.

Wait! No. Wine and food is the best thing that has happened to this planet. Nothing is more delightful than putting on good music, and cooking a fresh steak while sipping a glass of Merlot. Mushroom ravioli without a healthy helping of Pinot Noir is not the same. Oh, and we can’t forget grilled prawns and Chardonnay. Isn’t this all just music to your ears? The art of food and wine pairing has taken the world by storm. Wine truly does make everything better and we won’t deny it. In fact, we are here to applaud it.

Kascadia is dedicated to bringing the best Canadian wines to you, your family and your friends. We are here to celebrate what Canada has to offer and we are here to open your eyes (and taste buds) to a whole new world.

Welcome to Kascadia, bringing you refinement and excitement one Canadian varietal at a time!

P.S. Check us out on Spotify. The “Dancing in the Kitchen” playlist goes well with a glass of the 2014 Painted Rock Syrah and spicy chorizo pizza.





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